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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What continents do your vacations travel to?
A. Right now we travel to locations in North and South America and in 2019 we plan to launch in Europe and Asia.
Q. How does the pricing work?
A. We take a look at your desired budget plan and give you a price quote after we have planned your trip.
Q. Can we have you plan a trip for us with kids?
A. Yes, there is an option to add kids to your trip plan and we take extra care to plan the trip around your children's safety and also give you plenty of fun kid-friendly activities to enjoy.
Q. What if we choose to cancel the trip? Do we get our money back?
A. Yes, all of the booking that we create for you are refundable so if you choose to cancel trip for whatever reason, you will get all of your money back besides a service fee that we take for scheduling and cancelling for you.