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Portland, Oregon

My friends and I are from New York, NY. We wanted to have a mystery vacation for spring break. We didn't want to go to South Parde Island or Miami like everyone else was doing. The people at Eureka are expert planners! We didn't want to have to think about makeing any plans and we didn't have to. They had us staying in a lodge that reminded us of a cabin in the woods. There were lots of parks and fun outdoor events that we were able to do, it's almost like they knew us and knew Portland because a lot of the things we did were "off the grid" things that only the locals were aware of...

Posted 2018-08-12 16:22:46

Sao Paulo, Brazil

My husband and I flew to Sao Paulo International Airport last month for 3 weeks of fun and adventure. This was a presant he bought me for finishing my thesis paper in school. We got of the airplane, got our luggage and looked up our intinerary on our phones and took a taxi to our hotel as suggesed by our schedule that was provided by Eureka. It was extremely beautiful and there was an indoor and outdoor pool that we immediately...

Posted 2018-07-29 20:47:04